“Interior Design is making the best possible use of the available space”

We understand that you’re attached to your furniture.

Whether it’s an heirloom, a recent investment, or a treasured piece, furniture is an expression of your taste and unique personality. However, when the time comes to refresh the look of your home, you don’t want to replace it. You’d prefer to preserve its character, comfort and memories. And that’s why people choose upholstery.

At Sandivano Décor we work with you to re-envision your home, from sofas to curtains and ottomans. Consider furniture upholstery as part of a complete renovation solution


Our in - house upholstery workroom is outfitted to handle any antique restoration or custom fabrication project.  Our fabricators have years of experience and are equipped to handle any project.

Their experience truly shows in the meticulous quality of their work.  Furniture to be reupholstered can be completely rebuilt including repairing a loose frame, retying springs, and adding new webbing and foam.  We also can upgrade cushions to down & feather for the ultimate in seating luxury.


At Sandivano Décor we offer a wide range of variety of colour, designs, materials, textures, styles & fibres. Carpeting offers reduce noise levels when stepped on as well as comfort. By choosing a carpet colour that matches the wall colour, it can make a room space look larger. When a dark colour or large pattern is chosen for a large are, it can make it very inviting and warm.

Custom Design

Our skilled carpenters can build just about anything. Often clients will come to us with a page ripped out of a magazine and say "can you make this?” the answer is yes we can. Tables, chairs, beds even cabinetry, we do it all. We are equipped with state of the art computer driven machines and staffed with craftsman with decades of furniture experience. No custom build or repair is too hard. 


Cover your wall in absolutely any image you want. Our custom printed wallpaper is durable, fully washable and designed to complement your space with a selection of textured finishes, superb print quality and perfect installation.

Interior Design

We have been turning spaces into rich experiences through our passion and expertise. These spatial experiences invite and provoke a connection, encouraging people to stay a while longer and leave with a lasting impression. Let us work with you to design and actualize your space into a memorable experience.

Shades & Blinds

Our window treatments are second to none in quality, durability and lasting beauty. Interested in Roman shades? We can do that. Need contemporary low profile blinds in custom widths? We can do that. We carry an enormous collection of curtain rods and rings to suit any decor.

Contact us for a free quote on all your décor and design requirements.